The reopening of Damesara with OneTrip

Sep 8, 2023

Can you tell us about your DameSara St-Jérôme grocery store ?

The needs of the increasingly multicultural Laurentian region led me to open Dame Sara in Saint-Jérôme. One of my partners, Isaac Bosquet, as well as neighbours and other people from my community had to travel regularly to Montreal and Laval to get supplies. For me, the community aspect has always been important, and I wanted to give people in the region access to products from my culture. Our grocery shop stands out for the variety of Caribbean and African products that are available. What's more, we have a food counter serving delicious Afro-Caribbean dishes and a butcher's counter offering Halal meat.

Why OneTrip ?

It has always been important for me to support people in my community. So it gives me great pleasure to support two brothers, young black entrepreneurs who have developed technological solutions to help independent retailers. Above all, the team is serious, dynamic and takes its work to heart. It's all happening so fast that sometimes it's hard to keep up. (laughs) The icing on the cake is that they were even able to help me find grants to finance the launch of my online shop!

What are your challenges

We had temporarily closed the shop for a few months due to water damage. With the recent reopening in August, our main challenge is to bring back customers in order to boost sales.

Discover the products offered by Dame Sara St-Jérôme at the following link:

Available for delivery or pick-up!