Digitizing Boucherie Notre Dame with OneTrip

Sep 22, 2023

Can you tell us more about the Boucherie Notre Dame?

The Boucherie Notre Dame is a retail grocery store offering general grocery products, meats, deli meats, groceries, fruit and vegetables to individuals and businesses such as restaurants and community kitchens. Located in the heart of the Saint-Henri district, our family-run business is committed to offering a wide variety of local and international products that meet the highest standards of quality, freshness and taste, all at competitive prices. Find certified Angus beef steaks, deli meats, barbecue essentials, and much more!

Why OneTrip?

The professionalism of the owners of OneTrip, truly committed people who have your success at heart. OneTrip has enabled us to reach a more distant clientele, for whom we are able to deliver. Taking orders online and delivering them to the entire island of Montreal gives us a major competitive edge.

What are your challenges?

To have a stronger online presence, and to be able to promote our products and services more widely. We want to stand out for our exceptional prices and product quality, without compromise!